Showing April 23rd

Join us for the UK Premiere of the fourth issue of Not.Fot. The Photo Notebook of Władysław Hasior!

NOT.FOT. is a publication in the form of the magazine devoted to a single work: Władysław Hasior’s Photo Notebook. It is made up of twenty thousand slides, made over the course of nearly thirty years and arranged by the artist into thematic series. The magazine is published periodically and invites an international group of curators, art historians and artists to discuss, present and share thoughts on this phenomenal work of art.

“One on One” (“Sam na Sam”), archival television broadcast featuring Władysław Hasior, Andrzej Osęka, Hanna Kirchner, 1974, 45 mins

The cultural review broadcast since the early 1970s on the second channel of Polish TV hosted popular figures from the world of art and culture. From the 1950s until the end of the 1980s, Polish Television provided the most important medium in public life. Not only was it a propaganda channel, but also significantly influenced many cultural sectors.

The year when the episode with Władysław Hasior aired marked the heyday of “One on One”, which always followed the same model – guests in the studio included journalists, a critic and a person who acted as a spokesperson for the invited artist. This episode was co-created by Grzegorz Dubowski, television director, who had already made several films on art with Hasior.

Live broadcast lends the programme a characteristic dynamics with sudden close-ups and rapid changes of perspective. Coupled with a slightly surreal decor, the visuality and the performance of the participating figures bring to mind the “television theatre” format, rather than cultural publicism. The atmosphere around Hasior is far from apologetic and the artist is exposed to vitriolic comments and barbed questions from hosts and viewers. Thus, the programme at times emanates the spirit of a Kafkesque court trial.