Zabaleen (or Garbage Collector) is the story of Mourad and his family. Mourad and his sons are garbage collectors and all of the family's income in generated by the garbage they collect each day. They live on the outskirts of Cairo - called Manshayet Nasser, or, more commonly known as Garbage City. 

The film, shot over the course of four years, chronicles the daily life and hardships faced by Mourad and his family of eleven. The massive obstacles put forth by their government, religious tensions and a looming revolution that will change their lives forever.


Dam/age traces writer Arundhati Roy's bold and controversial campaign against the Narmada dam project in India, which will displace up to a million people.

As the film traces the events that led to her imprisonment, Roy meditates on her own personal negotiation with her fame, the responsibility it places on her as a writer, a political thinker and a citizen.