With an exciting line-up of films, Themes and panel discussions, Women Of The Lens Film Digital Broadcast Festival makes its debut at Curzon Goldsmiths on Friday 10th November 2017.

The launch begins with a special screening of director Spike Lee's Girl 6 to be accompanied by a panel discussion.

Judy/Girl 6 (Theresa Randle) is a struggling black actress in Hollywood. She's having difficulty getting work mostly because of the numerous stereotypes which abound in the industry about black owmen. Needing to pay her rent and other bills, she finds a job as a phone-sex operator. Soon Judy finds that she gets too engrossed with the telephone work so much so, that it impedes on her sense of reality.

No doubt, Girl 6 is a problematic Spike Lee film, but he seems to have fun (as does Randle) with the camera as it meanders around Judy and her exploration of herself and ideas about sexuality, sexual fantasy, relationships and sex. With roles for musical icon Madonna, supermodel Naomi Campbell, renowned actress Jennifer Lewis and a cracking soundtrack by the late artist Prince, the film is awash with colour and euphemism.

What's also good about the our Theme this year is that Spike Lee celebrates his 60th year.

The sexuality of black and brown women have been up for grabs historically. There's power in sexuality, power for those who own it and power for those who control it. Girl 6 will be part of a platform for our panel discussion focussing on the attempts of black women who've dared to take back what is rightfully theirs.

Women Of The Lens is a four-day Festival of Film, Broadcast and Digital programming (10th to 26th November 2017). It was created to celebrate and highlight the achievements of black women and women of colour in the UK creative industries.

This platform was created because the under-representation in the creative industries remains stubbornly low. The Festival aims to reveal the complexity, diversity and multiplicities of women, which is ordinarily overlooked in the conventional media-sphere. We aim to showcase human stories with varied narratives - and as such, wider audiences beyond those of colour can truly engage with complex tales, which move beyond the common tropes reserved for these women in typical representations.

We will screen specifically British sources and will include productions from wider international regions. Whilst our stories are by, of and for black women and women of colour, we sincerely welcome allied people who will support the ethos and spirit of Women Of The Lens through their own work.

See the website for more ticket and programme information for additional Festival dates: www.womenofthelens.com

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