My Heart is in The East

An Israeli and a Palestinian living in London share their moving stories of loss and trauma, which has forced them to search for a better life away from their homes. Will they ever be able to leave their past behind? Laila Shawa, a prominent Palestinian artist, was born in Palestine in 1940. Dr Ahron Bregman, a well-known Israeli academic, was born in Israel in 1958. Both have been affected by the seemingly unending cycle of violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Both, devoid of any hope for leading a peaceful life, have felt compelled to leave everything that they know behind.  'My Heart is in The East' tells both their stories, which are filled with doubt, fear, and a constant longing for their true homes. Despite all their differences, they are united by their shared humanity and a wish for a better future. Although they now both live in the West, their hearts will always remain in the East.

The Broken Chador

The Broken Chador is the story of 22-year-old girl, Layla, who carries a big secret. Whilst struggling to find a solution, her father presents her with a suitor to marry her off to. Layla has to make a choice between fleeing the country with her little brother or get rid of her secret.

Amman je t'aime: The Dream Catcher

Twin brothers Samer and Karim choose a special way to think, live and practice life. They both work as security guards in the same university in Amman, Jordan. They live in a one- bedroom apartment in the older part of Amman. They talk about their daily lives, challenges and their perceptions of the city they live in, their hobbies and how they see compassion and how to exercise it. Their dream versus what’s going on with the world nearby is captured in one day.

One Way Flight

Based on a true story, Daniela (27) takes a plane with her baby. Colombia-London: it’s a long flight. Daniela’s baby arises the interest of Karen (40), the passenger next to her, and Alice (31), one of the stewardesses. They will start to suspect that she is hiding something.


Until they were 18 twins Deborah and Dorcas had normal teenage lives in London, after moving to the United Kingdom as small children. But, gradually, their status in our society has become more precarious. Using fragments of memories, phonecalls, text and imagery, this film allows us to follow their new lives inside the secretive world of Yarls Wood detention centre.


Hunted explores the current landscape of pedophilia through the experience of two self-identified young pedophiles, committed to living offence-free lives. Dr. Heather Wood, a clinical psychologist, as well as Dominic Williams, who works for Circles Southeast, a charity aiming to help reduce the impact of sexual harm on communities, offer expertise and opinion, examining pedophilia and the public's understanding of it. With the line between pedophile and sex offender often blurred, and the lack of ability for people living with these sexual interests to seek help, this film explores why we struggle to see the humanity within pedophiles, and how supporting them on the path to a safe, offence-free life would benefit all members of society.

Unravelling Eve

Nine women gather together to share their experiences of Postpartum Psychosis. The opportunity to meet and talk openly about their experiences had never happened before. This film uses audio extracts from their conversation, their experiences in their own voices.